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'Aina Le'a and The Big Island

Hawaii was selected as the number one most-desired state in which to live. According to a recent Gallup poll, Hawaii has moved ahead of all the other 49 states in the U.S. as the most desirable state. This reinforces the sound decision to design and build a community with the specific purpose of serving the local Hawaiian and Asian markets, along with families from the mainland of the United States.

The purpose-designed community, 'Aina Le’a, is being developed on the Big Island of Hawaii. Two villages, LuLana Gardens and Ho’olei, have been designed and are in construction with more than 900 of our Asian investor partners. The primary focus of the management team for the next two years will be to complete the builder sales of the first two villages and to finalize the planning, approvals and funding through the sales of undivided land fractions for portions of the remaining 1,030 acres of the community property.

The company has an option from our shareholder, DW 'Aina Le’a Development LLC, to acquire the remaining 1,030 acres of The Villages of 'Aina Le’a property under an installment purchase agreement.

Why the Big Island of Hawaii

  • Central location to interface the economics and cultures of both the United States and the Pacific Rim countries.
  • The Island of Hawaii was voted the best island in the world on which to live by Islands Magazine
  • The resort area was picked as having the best weather and climate for both resort and personal living
  • It is a destination for the very wealthy of the world
  • There is a local desire for the benefits of the 'Aina Le’a development
  • Extensive Asian-Pacific family backgrounds
  • Strong high-end housing market

  • Limited availability of development land

Industry and Market Opportunities

The current scarcity of available lending capital throughout the United States to purchase land, develop residential communities and construct single-family homes presents an attractive investment environment for our company and its relationship with Asian investors. Through financing strategy and industry relationships, 'Aina Le'a is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this profitable investment environment.

Asian partners are also ideally suited to introduce The Villages of Aina Le’a to prospective homebuyers, commercial real estate buyers and retail operators throughout all of Asia. The ability to meet the demands and needs of buyers from China, Japan, Korea and other Asian markets is greatly enhanced by the inclusion of investments and planning suggestions from partners in each Asian country.

Why The Gold Coast?

  • Four major luxury resorts: Hualala Four Seasons, Mauna Lani, Mauna Kea and Waikoloa.
  • The Gold Coast has over 20 miles of coastline with some of the best public beaches in the world.
  • Twenty-three major golf courses.
  • Great climate. 'Ania 'Lea gets 350 days of sun with less than 10 inches of rain per year.  The temperature remains constant almost all year.
  • Fantastic oceanic activities. Great boating, SCUBA diving, fishing and whale watching.
  • Rich in culture and historical landmarks.
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